Chic & Simple Mirror Wall Ideas To Brighten Any Room

vintage mirror wall in bedroom

I wasn’t looking to start hoarding, er, collecting vintage mirrors until I came across two with perfectly fading glamor at two different thrift shops in the same day. A brassy, nautical porthole mirror and an oblong wooden one with ornate gilded hat hooks on both sides (in photo above). They were a match made in heaven, so I planned on arranging them together. But two little ol’ mirrors on my bedroom’s vast, blank walls felt incomplete. Like a latte without whipped cream. Or a White Stripes song without a killer guitar solo, you know? So I kept scouring Pinterest for vintage mirror wall ideas and secondhand shops for additional pieces. A few months later, I picked up a disco-esque mosaic mirror at Philly AIDS Thrift for about $8 and a little engraved wooden mirror at a Goodwill for $1. After forcing my boyfriend to hold the pieces in a million different configurations above our bedroom heater, I settled on the above.

porthole mirror

I love the way the mirror wall reflects the sunbeams that trickle in from our two west-facing windows. Our bedroom gets minimal natural light and isn’t the biggest in terms of space. However, the handy dandy mirror wall enhances the room on both fronts. Plus, it justifies collecting yet another kind of vintage object (always a win). This trick works beautifully in a bedroom, but it can honestly be edited to fit any part of your apartment or home. Here, a few of my favorite vintage mirror wall ideas, from minimal clusters to sprawling arrays.

gilded mirrors above couch
image via The Decorista

Keeping all your mirrors in the same shape but slightly different frames feels eclectic but still tidy and neat.

mirror wall near kitchen table
image via Collage Vintage

Try hanging frameless mirrors with fun and colorful string. Effortless and unique.

small boho mirrors
image via Anthropologie

Hang identical pieces into a geometric shape – diamonds and rectangles are always on point. It’s like making art out of art out of art.

antique mirror wall
image via Adored Vintage

I love the idea of mixing in antique hand mirrors to let their artful detailing totally shine.

mirror wall in dining room
image via Elle Decor UK

The mirror wall doesn’t necessarily have to be all mirrors. Objects of similar size or color blend in just as well.

bathroom mirrow wall
image via HomeEdit

Stack monochromatic mirrors above a sink for an unexpected take on your classic bathroom mirror.

matching mirror wall
image via Anthropologie

This is the perfect way to flaunt some seriously chic frames. Without artwork in the middle, the perimeter takes center stage.

Full disclosure: these mirror wall ideas have me considering curating another little vintage vignette in my living room. That’s completely normal, right?? Have you ever thought about making your own mirror wall?

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