Easy Recycled Halloween Decorations Made From Old Books

I had absolutely no intention of acknowledging Halloween in my home this year. Sure, there would be an artful scattering of orange and black fun size candy wrappers (bought impulsively and steeply discounted post-October 31) around my desk, but no actual preconceived decorations. However, last […]

How To Decorate Built-In Shelves

*Disclaimer | Although this post does earnestly intend to help show how to decorate built-in shelves, it is regretful to report that it cannot in any way offer guidance on how to keep said built-in shelves tidy and free from wayward water glasses, wandering scraps […]

’70s Floral Maxi Dress

Anyone else quaking in fear at the thought of neckline-to-hemline pattern? I certainly am. That didn’t stop me from shoving this ’70s floral maxi dress into a 30-gallon trash bag during “Fill-A-Bag” day at a local yard sale a few years ago. I paid one […]

You Can’t End Summer Without Visiting This (Free!) Retro Theme Park

Knoebels is the retro amusement park Wes Anderson wishes he dreamt up. Aside from the ’50s Futura font plastered over everything from ride signage to pavilion placards, the Elysburg, PA park has a roller coaster of a history rivaling that of “The Grand Budapest Hotel.” […]

Figuring Out How To Wear A Suede Dress (Without Breaking A Sweat)

OK. So this dress. This dress sat in my closet for a month before seeing the light of day. And seeing that it is a vintage 1970s-era suede dress, we can probably clock total time spent as a shut-in at, say, 40 years and one […]

The Coffee Table That Made Me Rethink Rustic Decor

There was once a time when the phrase “rustic coffee table” would have me shaking in my boots. Flashes of Cracker Barrel interiors and tears from the Country Curtains catalogs my mother used to let pile up near the sofa would enter my mind. But […]

A Vintage Boho Tunic Dress & Playing With Power Dressing

Ah, the tunic dress. The mumu. The make-that-milkshake-a-double-because-my-belly-is-FREE dress. There are many ways to refer to this bohemian go-to and many more ways to love it. Recently, I was loving this particular vintage tunic dress styled with equally forgiving wide-strap flatforms and mismatched layered necklaces. […]

Mid Century Decorating Ideas | The Vintage Sunburst Clock

The majority of my free time is split between mentally adding items to my vintage finds bucket list and pinning recipes to Pinterest boards I will never actually look at. It might be a problem (the list, not Pinterest – how am i supposed to […]

Seeing New In The Old (Or Why I’m Starting This Blog)

My apartment is filled with strangers’ things. Well, not their things presently. Things that once were not mine, but someone else’s, but are totally, legally mine now. Clothes, tableware, furniture, someone named J.T.’s copy of Dylan’s “Bringing It All Back Home.” I don’t even know […]