Glam Rock Fashion For New Years Eve (Or Adventurous Everydays)

joan jett sequins
image via

Something clicked recently. Like a sparkling confetti bomb went off in my head. And, like all things glitter, it has been stuck there ever since. I am now obsessed with glam rock. The music, the fashion, the tongue-in-cheek and sometimes self-destructive stage performances (like this Tubes video, which I warn you is NSFW and NSF-the-faint-of-heart). Sometimes I think it’s even more punk thanĀ punk, because glam rock icons like The New York Dolls and Joan Jett weren’t afraid of gender-bending outfits and makeup. The vibe was glamorous but never polished. Morning-after makeup, a mad mix of patterns, textures and colors. Glam rock fashion feels like what 5-year-old you would put on if let loose in Elton John’s closet. Never just a splash of sparkle – you have to drown in it. So, with NYE upon us, I wanted to share some of the most recent glam rock images that have been bursting in my head. If you know of any other glam rock fashion icons, please pass along!

deap vally style
image via Deap Vally

Deap Vally. My modern glam rock fashion icons and feminist spirit animals.

glam rock suit
image via
david bowie and david johansen
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Bowie and The New York Dolls’ David Johansen. Soooo groovy. Soooo glam.

glam rock makeup
image via
lovers and drifters shaggy coat
image via

Lovers and Drifters are the modern lady’s source for perfectly sloppy, ’70s rock ‘n’ roll fashion. Can I have it all?

studio 54 balloons

bowie lightning bolt eyes

glam rock makeup
image via Daniel Alvarado

Glam on, friends <3

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