Add Instant Christmas Cheer With This DIY Jingle Bell Garland

jingle bell christmas garland

Friends, a word of advice for anyone looking to save money this holiday. Do not go to Terrain. Do not drive there with Christmas music playing. Do not sip a mocha latte by their unbelievably adorable outdoor fire-pit. Do not smell the candles. And whatever you do, do not go into their twinkle light room. You will be overcome by the need to buy random, glittering objects whose purpose is not immediately clear and you will buy them in bulk. and you will have to create some purpose for them. That is how I ended up with a box of 270 jingle bells. And how I ended up making this Christmas jingle bell garland.

mini jingle bells

The process was a little time-consuming, but really easy. All you need is some twine, tape, the bells and a solid Christmas movie on in the background to complete this diy garland. A glass of wine is optional.

layered garlands


DIY Christmas Garland With Jingle Bells

jingle bell garland for door


  • mini jingle bells (I used around 50)
  • twine
  • tape
  • scissors
  1. Cut twine to desired length.
  2. Tightly wrap a small piece of tape around one end of the twine. This makes it way less frustrating to threat the twine through each mini jingle bell as the individual threads won’t snag.
  3. Thread the twine through the top of the jingle bell and slide to the middle.
  4. Tie a knot at the top of the bell to keep it in place.
  5. Continue with remaining bells until you get to the end of the twine. Then repeat process on the other half of the twine, working from the middle outward.

snowflake garland

There you have it. Super easy. Super satisfying when done. I hung mine up on the back of the front door to my apartment so that whenever I come home, I get a lil symphony of Christmas cheer. It’s kind of amazing. I love the look of these layered with other Christmas garland to create a collage of textures – metallic, pom poms, paper snowflakes… Jingle bell garland would also be perfect draped on a railing or around a window. You could even wrap some Christmas presents in it. And then while delivering said presents, the box would jingle! And it would be like giving the physical manifestation of Christmas cheer! And then you’d probs be on the nice list #forlife. So many wonderful possibilities. Let me know if you find more 🙂



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