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ideas for decorating with eucalyptus

When it comes to Christmas decor, I prefer for the foraged approach (namely, decorating, uh, tossing eucalyptus branches everywhere) – for reasons both financial and not. Yes, a tablescape of dried basil stems and pine cones is totally free, but even if it wasn’t, I’d be decking my dwellings with au natural touches. It gives a pop of green without the commitment of keeping plants alive. It offers an instinctively soothing vibe that only Mother Nature can impart – which is so, so vital to my good vibes during colder months when outdoor time is limited. And – OK – it gives me deep satisfaction to compare my woodsy diys to pricey Pottery Barn versions (like this).

My favorite of the foraged finds has got to be eucalyptus. While I can’t find it sprouting for free in Philly, an A.C. Moore expedition gets me it for under $5. You can even buy a fresh bunch of eucalyptus and let it dry into the crafting stuff yourself (easy instructions here). Either way, you get vibrant foliage that also smells like a fancy French spa.

I’m especially loving decorating with eucalyptus branches for Christmas decor this year. Its deep emerald leaves are just as festive as classic evergreen, but offer a little something unexpected. The absence of one thousand shedding pine needles in my rug is also wonderful. Gathered in a vintage pitcher, curled into a minimalist wreath, or simply draped atop a mantle, they look clean yet add interest to any part of your digs.

I grabbed two bunches of dried eucalyptus branches to decorate with this Christmas. Some I plan on hanging horizontally at the top of my living room window to hide hooks used to hang mercury glass lanterns. Some I plan to turn into wreaths. Some I plan to forget about in their current resting place on my bar cart. Whatever. Foraged ain’t supposed to be fussy.

Below, some of the simplest and chicest ways to start decorating with eucalyptus branches this season.

Oversized Wreath

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The genius over at Homemade Ginger gilded a cheapie hula hoop with spray paint for the frame of this eucalyptus-decorated wreath. A festive, hand-cut font is perfect for Christmas, but you could easily take it off for year-round decorating.

Mantle Decor

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Dried eucalyptus has a natural fluidity to it. Drape some atop a mantle or windowsill and watch the enchanted forest effect instantly take hold.


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Place tiny snips of eucalyptus and other wintry greens into translucent glass ornaments (another affordable craft-store find) for a cute Christmas tree decoration. Or arrange them into a tree silhouette on a white wall for an alternative to a traditional evergreen.

Christmas Tree Swag

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Greens on greens! Nest eucalyptus branches into your Christmas tree for a textural twist on classic holiday decorations.

Wall Decor

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The best thing about decorating with eucalyptus branches is that they’re light and sturdy enough to stick on just about anything, like this wire star.

Table Runner

eucalyptus table runner
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This isn’t so much a decor idea as it is validation for my complete and consistent laziness. Haphazardly chuck, er, arrange branches amongst metallic accents of varying heights to add a laid back look to a full-on proper table setting.

Christmas Card Display

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Twig from the backyard + string + dried eucalyptus = easiest, fanciest DIY ever.

Vase Vignette

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This is the classic. Whether in an ornate vase or a simple glass milk jug, a bunch of eucalyptus stems looks straight up elegant.


There are pretty much endless ways to decorate with eucalyptus branches. I highly recommend grabbing a handful and letting the stems fall where they may 😉

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