Pine Street Church Philadelphia Sign

So in just a few weeks, I’ll be leaving my current apartment of a year-and-a-half for new digs farther down in this wild world known as South Philadelphia. A world filled with cheese steaks (vegan and not-so-vegan), off-leash puppies and the best record shop in town. Now, as exhilarating as all that sounds, there are some things I will miss about my current hideout on the edge of South Street…a rare, tightly packed cross between rioting bars and quaint residential blocks. The air consistently smells of caramelized onions and garlic via the overpowering fumes from Jim’s steaks and Lorenzo’s freakishly large pizza. E-A-G-L-E-S chants can always be heard gaining momentum from around mosaic-covered corners. And all self-respecting storefronts display neon signs sending shoutouts to their business hours, coffee, hookah, glass pipes and sex toys. It’s often crowded with cheerful, yap-happy tourists, whose vacation spirit is infectious and has made me feel like the 18 months have been one big holiday (to paraphrase Jim James). As I’m a sucker for nostalgia, I thought I’d share my favorite parts of living in this apartment and Queen Village. Above, a shot of Pine Street Church’s majestic marquee. Below, what else I will miss most:

farm table for kitchen with drawer1. The way our kitchen table (which we found abandoned on the curb two blocks away from the apartment) nestles so perfectly against that highly inefficient, expensive, gleaming radiator.

blue marble bathroom 2.The vintage marble-look walls of our dollhouse-size bathroom, crowned with the prettiest floral trim.

philadelphia java company latte

3. Lattes from Philadelphia Java Company. Sipped slowly from their French bistro-style tables while watching passing puppies steal slurps from their communal water dish.

southwark street corners

4. Quirky architectural details, like the side of Southwark.

black and white tile floor

5. The tile floor in our entryway, most likely created with the sole intention it be used for #shoefies (see what I did there? SOLE!?).

Franklin Fountain Philadelphia

6. Franklin Fountain’s colonial interiors, ultra-decadent ice cream and adorably dressed staff.

leaf garland

7. Our lil front door window, which my landlord painted over and now resembles a full moon whenever the hall light is illuminated.

colorful fall vines

8. This absolutely enchanted pocket of 3rd street where the most colorful vines coil over one of the most beautifully rusting buildings in the city.

exposed brick kitchen

9. Our exposed brick kitchen and bedroom. I didn’t actively look for an apartment with this because I thought it would be too hard to find. You can put anything in front of it and it is guaranteed to look super cool.

christmas tree with wooden bead garland

10. How well Christmas decorations go with the apartment’s layout. Totally justifies leaving them up until Valentine’s Day.

old fashioned mail slot

11. This cute mail slot. But actually half of its coolness is due to the hand-stamped letter from my friend, Honor, whose New Year’s resolution was to write more snail more, so I think it’s safe to say that’s one thing I won’t miss out on in my new home.


I love exploring new neighborhoods of Philly and reflecting on what I find. What makes your hood unique?