pink vans in pink flower petals

If you can avert your gaze momentarily from all the ahh-mazing doggos strutting their stuff in this spring weather, there is some truly gorgeous, rosy-hued scenery to see in South Philly this season.

I took in the pastel-painted atmosphere this past weekend with a walk down Passyunk Avenue. The trees were covered in little cotton-candy blossoms, the birds were hopping along every street, and even Vinny’s vibrant produce truck on Dickinson seemed more bountiful than your usual Saturday. I’ve been aching for nap-in-the-sun days for a while now and it looks like the universe was waiting until I found my perfect patio set (it’s french and it’s bistro and it’s real, live marble and it was $43) to bring on the serious sunbeams. Fine by me. I’ll be out there sipping sangria, doodling under blue skies for the rest of the season. Or looping around these lush South Philly streets. Below, a few shots from the weekend’s wanderings <3

pink south philly tree

bubble gum bubble photo

pink and green spring tree

pink south philly fence

south philly mosaic dickinson

pile of pink flower petals