rustic coffee table

There was once a time when the phrase “rustic coffee table” would have me shaking in my boots. Flashes of Cracker Barrel interiors and tears from the Country Curtains catalogs my mother used to let pile up near the sofa would enter my mind. But that was years ago, when there were still remnants of the ’80s rustic/country decor revival, the one that was built on piles pastel plaids and ruffle trim on EVERYTHING (witness it with caution here). Maybe you’ve seen it manifested in, say, your Aunt Susan’s window valance or your grandma’s Laura Ashley bedding set. It’s a lot to handle. For me. But thankfully the latest incarnation of rustic decor is much more minimalist. One of my favorite such pieces is the reclaimed wood coffee table here:

reclaimed wood console table

Its medium-brown woodgrain and spare use of wrought iron make it feel totally utilitarian – not at all frilly and delicate like the rustic vibe of decades past. This gem even came with some authentic water rings! We’ll just say that adds to its character, ay?

iron and wood coffee table

I audibly gasped when I saw this table at a local thrift shop. Knowing full well my apartment was already unreasonably filled with more furniture than two 20-somethings could ever need, I inspected the pieces nonetheless. The $50 price tag made me hesitate long enough for a lap around the store, but  I figured even the Ikea and Target versions of faux reclaimed wood tables would be at least that much. So, after handing over the cash, my boyfriend and I hoisted it on our shoulders and slowly, very slowly, walked it the four blocks home.

reclaimed wood close up

rustic console table decor

The coffee table ended up being the perfect complement to my living room’s sprawling gallery wall, clocking in at the perfect height beneath the cluster of frames. My goal is to keep the rustic reclaimed wood front and center, so I’m planning on limiting the decor to candles and planters in un-fussy silhouettes and earthy hues. But, who knows, maybe if, say, the right ’80s-tastic wooden cat (is this a contender??) pops into my life, I’ll bring a bit of that old country charm here, too.