black and white polka dot blouse outfit

Post-winter hibernation dressing is a very particular thing. I need swingy silhouettes that conceal the fact that I only just started a gym membership but also something lightweight to deal with unusually hot spring days. This vintage polka dot tunic, with its below-the-hips hemline and ultra-billowy bodice is the perfect piece for such a job. It’s unbelievably soft and can be worn with my tightest jeans or overstretched leggings and no one would know the difference. Which is especially amazing this week as I’ve been avoiding everything in my closet that doesn’t contain at least 99% stretch textiles. Because, spin class.

As I limp through another day in cycling-induced pain (5 days and still can’t cringe-free bend down to tie my shoes), I’ll swap out gym time for blog time, which I’m seriously in need of. A bit more about this outfit – the shoes are what I’m guessing to be 1960’s era loafers as the interior is lined with a psychedelic, swirling pattern of jewel tones. They are stiff, like any decent footwear from decades past, but they bend enough to ensure an easy walk to the subway. The sunnies are actually from Urban Outfitters. I’ve been searching for some that strike a balance between classic aviators and ’70s-style circle frames and these miraculously fit the bill.

polka dot top

I found the layering necklaces at a secondhand jewelry sale in my hometown for a dollar a pop. If only my gym membership was so cheap…

red orange lipstick