vintage floral books

These aren’t the first treasures I’ve taken from the trash, but they’re probably the most beautifully useless.

But I wasn’t thinking about their practical purpose when I spotted them in an empty clementine box behind my apartment one day at the end of a run. I could only think “holy shit. is someone getting rid of all this??” “This” being 7 stacks of vintage books, yellowing art prints, and some splintery frames. I crouched down, feverishly rummaging through the pile, surely looking like a crazy bum, all sweaty and red-in-the-face from my jog. But, these are the risks one takes when picking through the trash. In the end, I found it well worth it for these colorful vintage book covers.

Now for the useless part. “Seimon Prys Ditectif” – the gorgeously floral-covered paperback – is entirely in Welsh. And I don’t speak Welsh. And the other vintage book, the Gerard Manley Hopkins one, is late 19th century poetry and prose, which I also don’t speak too well.

Regardless, they look pretty damn cool perched on my bookcase. Which I know sounds really terrible, but if it helps, they are perched atop “Heart of Darkness” and “Mrs. Dalloway” – books whose language I most intimately speak. Do you have any awesome vintage book covers? Better yet, any that you just own for the cover? =P