oversize jean jacket and flannel shirt

There is a very distinct feeling that comes from swinging the perfect vintage oversized jean jacket over your shoulders. Like you’re ready for anything the day throws at you. Soft and slinky enough for hopping seamlessly over fences, durable enough to repel rips should you get caught. Not that I would ever do such things in my beat-up ’90s Levi’s trucker jacket. Actually, I believe the previous owner may have already done it for me. I mean, just take a look at this lovely fraying and fading.

vintage levis jean jacket

Yea. This puppy has probably seen more than its fair share of bar fights and fence hopping. Which is why I’m giving it a calm, delinquency-freeĀ  life with me. Pairing it with fuzzy flannel shirts, felt hats and boyfriend jeans. Boyfriend jeans from Target. Nice, domestic Target. Below, a few other of my favorite oversize jean jacket outfits that still do justice to this piece’s punk-y past – no matter what your current style.



It seemed impossible until I saw the Pin. You can style an oversize jean jacket outfit that is still flower petal-level feminine. The key is to build off a piece that bridges the girly and grunge divide. Above, a simple navy crewneck sweatshirt lends a sweet and sporty touch without feeling totally out of place.


oversized jean jacket with dress

image via Maryn Noelle

Oh YAAS. This one makes my heart sing. Ankle booties (preferably decadently embellished), a wide brim hat and a band tee give a boyfriend denim jacket the roadie vibe it was born to exude. Super flattering with a mini hemline that hits just a few inches below the jacket’s edge.



image via Fash n Chips

Though you wouldn’t guess it after the first 2 consecutive weeks of my wearing it, I do sometimes like to give my quilted bomber a break. When I still want a slightly sporty outfit (aka when I want to wear sweatpants to work), I’ll wear my jean jacket with black joggers, some Nike sneakers and a solid tee. Equally comfy, but a little more unexpected.



image via 9 To 5 Chic

Though the wannabe rock ‘n roller in me believes oversized jean jackets should exclusively be worn with at least one random accessory layered on like Bruce’s bandanas, for instance, I guess there is a time and place for minimalist mixes of this fundamentally workingman style. Sleek slip-ons and a solid oversize tote are the perfect way to keep it simple.

Oversize jean jacket outfits for days. Or at least a week. Any other inspo, please share!