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Category: Home Decor Ideas

The Color-Coded Bookcase With More Than Just Books

Color-coding my bookcase a.k.a. how to justify owning a set of 1950’s Hardy Boys books I will never read.

Vintage French Provincial Mirror

Antique Gold Mirrors | An Un-Stuffy Styling Approach (For Under $30)

I’ll admit: Before this vintage French Provincial mirror, the most ornate decor I owned was a flower-y labeled wine bottle I forgot about on my bar cart.

Chic & Simple Mirror Wall Ideas To Brighten Any Room

I wasn’t looking to start hoarding, er, collecting vintage mirrors until I came across two with perfectly fading glamor at two different thrift shops in the same day.

Add Instant Christmas Cheer With This DIY Jingle Bell Garland

Friends, a word of advice for anyone looking to save money this holiday. Do not go to Terrain. Do not drive there with Christmas music playing. Do not sip a mocha latte by their unbelievably adorable outdoor fire-pit. Do not smell the candles. And whatever you do, do not go into their twinkle light room. …

Decorating With Dried Eucalyptus | Arrangements, Wreaths & Cheapie DIYs

When it comes to Christmas decor, I prefer for the foraged approach (namely, decorating, uh, tossing eucalyptus branches everywhere) – for reasons both financial and not. Yes, a tablescape of dried basil stems and pine cones is totally free, but even if it wasn’t, I’d be decking my dwellings with au natural touches. It gives …

Easy Recycled Halloween Decorations Made From Old Books

I had absolutely no intention of acknowledging Halloween in my home this year. Sure, there would be an artful scattering of orange and black fun size candy wrappers (bought impulsively and steeply discounted post-October 31) around my desk, but no actual preconceived decorations. However, last weekend while looking to do a lazy round up of …

How To Decorate Built-In Shelves

*Disclaimer | Although this post does earnestly intend to help show how to decorate built-in shelves, it is regretful to report that it cannot in any way offer guidance on how to keep said built-in shelves tidy and free from wayward water glasses, wandering scraps of paper and any other household objects that don’t seem …

The Coffee Table That Made Me Rethink Rustic Decor

There was once a time when the phrase “rustic coffee table” would have me shaking in my boots. Flashes of Cracker Barrel interiors and tears from the Country Curtains catalogs my mother used to let pile up near the sofa would enter my mind. But that was years ago, when there were still remnants of …

Mid Century Decorating Ideas | The Vintage Sunburst Clock

The majority of my free time is split between mentally adding items to my vintage finds bucket list and pinning recipes to Pinterest boards I will never actually look at. It might be a problem (the list, not Pinterest – how am i supposed to get anything done in real life when Pinterest isĀ  so …