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Category: Fashion & Outfits

Polka Dot Tunic + ’60s Loafers

Post-winter hibernation dressing is a very particular thing.

How To Find Vintage Jeans | 6 Tips That Never Fail

Spotting the perfect pair of vintage jeans can kind of feel a little…mission impossible. But, after years of thrifting the east coast, I think I’ve figured out a shortcut or two to denim heaven…

Pantsuit Outfit Ideas That Are Pure Rock ‘n’ Roll

Let me start this post by saying that women’s pantsuits are inherently rock ‘n’ roll.

6 Shaggy Coats To Keep You Warm & Whimsical This Winter

I’m all in favor of 2017 being a more colorful and playful year than the-year-who-shall-not-be-mentioned.

Glam Rock Fashion For New Years Eve (Or Adventurous Everydays)

Something clicked recently. Like a sparkling confetti bomb went off in my head. And, like all things glitter, it has been stuck there ever since.

The Oversized Jean Jacket | Outfit Ideas For Every Style

There is a very distinct feeling that comes from swinging the perfect vintage oversized jean jacket over your shoulders. Like you’re ready for anything the day throws at you. Soft and slinky enough for hopping seamlessly over fences, durable enough to repel rips should you get caught. Not that I would ever do such things …

Vintage Vibes | The Great

You know those labels you discover that immediately jive with your entire being? The ones you instantly ask friends about, follow on Instagram and – without prompting via pop-ups or promo deals – join the email list for? Yea. For me, most recently, that was The Great.

’70s Floral Maxi Dress

Anyone else quaking in fear at the thought of neckline-to-hemline pattern? I certainly am. That didn’t stop me from shoving this ’70s floral maxi dress into a 30-gallon trash bag during “Fill-A-Bag” day at a local yard sale a few years ago. I paid one low, low price to stuff a sack with as much …

Figuring Out How To Wear A Suede Dress (Without Breaking A Sweat)

OK. So this dress. This dress sat in my closet for a month before seeing the light of day. And seeing that it is a vintage 1970s-era suede dress, we can probably clock total time spent as a shut-in at, say, 40 years and one month. Let’s face it – it’s an intimidating garment. The …

A Vintage Boho Tunic Dress & Playing With Power Dressing

Ah, the tunic dress. The mumu. The make-that-milkshake-a-double-because-my-belly-is-FREE dress. There are many ways to refer to this bohemian go-to and many more ways to love it. Recently, I was loving this particular vintage tunic dress styled with equally forgiving wide-strap flatforms and mismatched layered necklaces. With a silhouette this breezy, I tend to feel that …