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Category: Essays | Thoughts | Etc.
pink south philly tree

Think Pink | A Rosy Spring Walk Through South Philadelphia

If you can avert your gaze momentarily from all the ahh-mazing doggos strutting their stuff in this spring weather, there is some truly gorgeous, rosy-hued scenery to see in South Philly this season.

Laura Marling’s “Next Time” Video Is Vintage Home Decor Inspo For Days

The song is amazing. But I just really want to take a minute to appreciate those perfect interiors.

Monday Thoughts

After a night up late with some classic Sunday Scaries, only Dylan can calm the first big wave of the week. That, and the ultra-caffeinated coffee at the office cafe.  I doodled these lyrics yesterday morning over some coffee and a Ryley Walker record. “Mr. Tambourine Man” is a Dylan classic for a reason. You …

The Top 11 Things I’ll Miss About Living In Queen Village

So in just a few weeks, I’ll be leaving my current apartment of a year-and-a-half for new digs farther down in this wild world known as South Philadelphia. A world filled with cheese steaks (vegan and not-so-vegan), off-leash puppies and the best record shop in town. Now, as exhilarating as all that sounds, there are …

You Can’t End Summer Without Visiting This (Free!) Retro Theme Park

Knoebels is the retro amusement park Wes Anderson wishes he dreamt up. Aside from the ’50s Futura font plastered over everything from ride signage to pavilion placards, the Elysburg, PA park has a roller coaster of a history rivaling that of “The Grand Budapest Hotel.” Submerged by floods, restrained by recessions, and temporarily shut down by WWII …

Seeing New In The Old (Or Why I’m Starting This Blog)

My apartment is filled with strangers’ things. Well, not their things presently. Things that once were not mine, but someone else’s, but are totally, legally mine now. Clothes, tableware, furniture, someone named J.T.’s copy of Dylan’s “Bringing It All Back Home.” I don’t even know if I can actually comfortably say these were once strangers’ …