Vintage French Provincial MirrorI’ll admit: Before this vintage French Provincial mirror, the most ornate decor I owned was a flower-y labeled wine bottle I forgot about on my bar cart.And I’ll also admit that I almost wasn’t up for the challenge of finding one of these crazy-ass, Sun King-worthy gilded mirrors secondhand. I had little interest in overly adorned objects like this at my old place. My home decor style was mostly mid-century with touches of farmhouse and rustic. But people change. And when the universe blesses you with a 100-year-old mosaic fireplace in decked out in petunia pink, well, you don’t slap that kind of good fortune in the face by sticking a bare bones mirror on top. So, after reading the price tags on various vintage-inspired Anthropologie mirrors and, consequently, spitting out my drink, I knew I had to begin the thrift hunt.

antique gold frame mirror close up

I started at Goodwill. Then Circle Thrift. Then Aids Thrift, then back to Goodwill. For many, many fruitless weeks. I have trudged through thrifting rough patches before. There was the great Sunburst Clock Drought of 2016, which technically began in 2014 with a pining for a 12-pointed metallic wall clock and ended with me nearly giving up on the quest. There was also the time I was determined to unearth a 1960’s bar cart for less than $15 – that took, like, 7 months. But the search for an antique gold mirror was proving impossible. Until I remembered that Craigslist exists.

mantle with mirror on top

vintage mercury glass lantern

Craigslist is where I found my last two apartments but I never thought to look on the site for vintage goods. Little did I know it’s a goldmine for vintage treasures. A few days of refreshing the antiques section and I came across this floral framed mirror.

antique gilded mirror

My boyfriend and I took a 30-minute drive out of the city to pick the mirror up the other day. It’s a hefty piece, possibly dating back to the 1940s. That’s when its original owner made her way to the states from Europe, fleeing the impending war, according to my Craigslist seller. I’m grateful the original owner kept this piece in lovely condition. I hope to keep it the same way for many years.

Gold French Provincial Mirror

As for the un-stuffy styling, I think the trick is to give the surrounding decor a, shall we say, elegantly tossed vibe. Nothing too planned or perfect (full disclosure though, I spent like 45 minutes agonizing over the tilt of that lantern).  A stack of books forgotten on the edge, jewelry spilling out of a silver goblet. Really the messier, the better. Which is my favorite kind of decor style 😉