70s floral maxi dress

Anyone else quaking in fear at the thought of neckline-to-hemline pattern? I certainly am. That didn’t stop me from shoving this ’70s floral maxi dress into a 30-gallon trash bag during “Fill-A-Bag” day at a local yard sale a few years ago. I paid one low, low price to stuff a sack with as much junk as possible, so, naturally, I filled it with items I hadn’t even the slightest prospect of wearing. This is why I also own a powder pink western fringe shift that Dolly Parton probably once wore to a Texas honky tonk.

I don’t know. Maybe it was the AMAZING Janis Joplin documentary I watched this week on Netflix (“Little Girl Blue”) or just the changing of seasons,  but I woke up today, 2 years post-purchase of this 1970’s gem, and thought “Today is the day.” The decision was so monumental it required a text to my mother and the consumption of a chocolate ganache cupcake.

long sleeve vintage maxi dress

Despite my initial hesitation toward head-to-toe floral, I really leaned into this look, grabbing every damn green accessory in my apartment to complete the look. I’m talking mint lace-up sandals and a jade pendant, plus I sprayed on that one floral perfume I have with ivy on the bottle because why the hell not?

free people faryl robin vegan lace up sandals

vintage jade necklace

My dear friend and favorite artist, Honor (who was sweet enough to be my photographer for the morning), and I were wandering around Society Hill and found this mysterious wrought iron gate to use as our backdrop. The tendrils of ivy perfectly matched this whole ’70s floral motif I had going.

Being the photographic genius and literal ray of sunshine she is, Honor was able to capture the morning light in the most magical way possible. I suspect she has supernatural powers:

Overall, this maxi dress has got me feeling a little bolder sartorially. Maybe it’s time I bring that ol’ powder pink number out of the closet and into the light, too 😉