lovers and drifters shaggy coat

I’m all in favor of 2017 being a more colorful and playful year than the-year-who-shall-not-be-mentioned. However, with Philadelphia winters being notoriously long and frigid, attempts at “fun” outfits are often kept under wraps by my gray furry coat, weather boots and the layer of coal-black, indecisive snow slush that accumulates at every curb. But this year, this year, we can have it all, baby! Yup. Shaggy coats are the miraculous wind repellers sent straight from the ’60s to keep us cozy and cute and slightly resembling a psychedelic sasquatch all the way to April. I’m totally on board, for several reasons: 1. obvious rock star vibes 2. they make you feel like you’re wearing a shield of blankets and pillows 3. they look chill with both pants and dresses and leggings and, hell, maybe even sweatpants. Basically, they’re always there to make you feel super comfy. And what better way to ensure the next 12 months are magically light-hearted than by cruising into them feeling like you never left bed?

Below, a few of my favorite shaggy coats that balance whimsy with wearability.

Oh, and here is that candy-colored sasquatch I mentioned earlier, courtesy of Deap Vally’s “Gonna Wanna” music video. Enjoy!! xoxo

dancing sasquatch