Month: January 2017

Monday Thoughts

After a night up late with some classic Sunday Scaries, only Dylan can calm the first big wave of the week. That, and the ultra-caffeinated coffee at the office cafe.  I doodled these lyrics yesterday morning over some coffee and a Ryley Walker record. “Mr. […]

The Top 11 Things I’ll Miss About Living In Queen Village

So in just a few weeks, I’ll be leaving my current apartment of a year-and-a-half for new digs farther down in this wild world known as South Philadelphia. A world filled with cheese steaks (vegan and not-so-vegan), off-leash puppies and the best record shop in […]

Chic & Simple Mirror Wall Ideas To Brighten Any Room

I wasn’t looking to start hoarding, er, collecting vintage mirrors until I came across two with perfectly fading glamor at two different thrift shops in the same day.

6 Shaggy Coats To Keep You Warm & Whimsical This Winter

I’m all in favor of 2017 being a more colorful and playful year than the-year-who-shall-not-be-mentioned.