Month: December 2016

Glam Rock Fashion For New Years Eve (Or Adventurous Everydays)

Something clicked recently. Like a sparkling confetti bomb went off in my head. And, like all things glitter, it has been stuck there ever since.

Happy Holidays

2016 has been a very weird year. It gave us cotton candy grapes and Pok√©mon Go and a new reason to fear mosquitoes. It took away Bowie and Prince and maybe a significant portion of my belief that “everything will work out just fine.” But […]

Add Instant Christmas Cheer With This DIY Jingle Bell Garland

Friends, a word of advice for anyone looking to save money this holiday. Do not go to Terrain. Do not drive there with Christmas music playing. Do not sip a mocha latte by their unbelievably adorable outdoor fire-pit. Do not smell the candles. And whatever […]